Aug 13, 2022 • 26M

Lydia Cao: Cultivating wholesome and joyful learning at home with Birdhouse

Aliya and Rodrigo speak with Lydia Cao about Birdhouse, a homeschool co-op for elementary school children and their families.

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Conversations with education innovators brought to you by five friends who met in online classes during the pandemic.
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Homeschooling has been steadily growing over the years with a drastic increase during the pandemic. And even after schools reopened, many parents chose to continue homeschool their children.

BirdHouse is a wholesome and joyful homeschool co-op for elementary children and their families. A homeschool co-op, short for cooperative, is a community of families who get together to facilitate learning and recreational activities, primarily for homeschooled children. In this episode, Lydia Cao, the founder of BirdHouse, spoke about how BirdHouse empowers parents to be great educators and the secrets of great learning experiences. This episode is hosted by Aliya Shaikhina and Rodrigo Medeiros.

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